Friday, December 31, 2010

my 2010.

The idea came from Taza & Husband. Olivia did it, too. And now I'm doing it. Here's what happened to me in 2010.

In January, Taylor took Refuge and officially converted to the Buddhist faith. We made Devil's Food Cake and Popovers. I wrote a note to Jeffrey and felt thankful for my parents. I also photographed my winter break.

In February, Jeffrey and I went on a fancy date, I wrote a note to my beloved Produce Section, I made cupcakes that were delicious, Jeffrey and I went on a Valentine's Day picnic (with a heart-shaped pizza!), we ate breakfast at noon, and had a lovely weekend at home.
coke bottles.

In March, my sister came to town. I started The Quirk Project, celebrated spring with Jeffrey, visited the Junk Lady, made a Red Velvet Cake that wasn't very red, went to our favorite burger joint, got a plastic Diana from Jeffrey, and talked about some of my favorite things.
arch pond

In April, we went to a salvage yard, I made a chocolate cake with Ovaltine, played Bocce Ball with people I love, tried out a new sidewalk lunch spot, ate ice cream in the parking lot, made my Grammy's croutons, ate lunch outside almost everyday, and dyed Easter eggs.
vase full of daisies.

In May, I started writing lists. Jeffrey gave me a bouquet of daisies (my favorite!), my dad and I whispered and drank Starbucks while my cute cousin was napping, I introduced Jeffrey to my favorite Italian market, I made things and went picnicking with Jeffrey, I celebrated my mother & had a candlelit dinner with her.
fierce (part II).
cute animal.

In June, I celebrated my dad, celebrated Jeffrey's birthday with pizza + bowling, felt excited about everything (!), watched Dr. Oz's special on makeup, and bragged about my cute dogs!
canoe trip.
hand holding.

In July & August, I ran my own camp! I felt sentimental about leaving home, and wrote a little about starting my third year of college.
1, 2, 3!
love in the afternoon.

In September, Jeffrey and I went to St. Augustine, I freaked out (unnecessarily), and wrote about our three year anniversary (that actually happened in July!).
my cute family (minus my sister).
birthday cake.

In October, I gushed about a pair of pants, celebrated my 21st birthday, missed Jeffrey, spent a really lovely weekend at home, Jeffrey and I made a trip to one of our favorite little places, and I bragged about my sister.
fish face.
the favorite of the day.

In November, Jeffrey and I went camping, we went to Jeffrey's beloved Bulli Brigade, and I wrote about the things I'm most thankful for.
family photo.

In December, I began recapping our summer trip to Wisconsin (I'm still not done!), wrote about my sweet, old dog, and got ENGAGED! Your kind words regarding our engagement mean the world to me.

2010 was such a spectacular year, and I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for myself and all my loved ones! xo, R.


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I am thinking for a New Year's resolution to your avid blog readers, you must post more blogs this year about wedding info and all the like!! We are so eager to hear your plans!! Don't forget Roxanne!!! haha <3

Anonymous said...

I hate to request something of you, but could you please dedicate a blog in the future to explaining the story of how you and Jeffrey met for those of us who don't know? And if it's not TOO much of a favor, in it can you also include a picture of the ring? I love your blog!!