Saturday, February 13, 2010

Breakfast At Noon.

On weekends it's not uncommon for us to eat breakfast when normal people eat lunch. Sometimes it's due to the fact that we wake up late or sometimes it's due to the fact that we just have a hard time getting the day started. Either way, it happens on a [fairly] regular basis. Today was special because most days we eat our Saturday breakfasts separately and then get together. But today. Jeffrey called me and asked if I wanted him to come over and make us scrambled eggs. How could I pass up such a sweet offer? Obviously, I obliged. I mean, wouldn't you?
Well, our newest thing is to use one of my huge Rubbermaid bins as a table and sit on the floor of my room and eat. I live in a dorm and the community kitchen is less than charming. Believe me when I say that a bin is more inviting.
Breakfast was wonderful, the company was even better, and I could get used to Saturday Breakfasts like this one.

Have a wonderful Valentine's and check out this adorable song by Kina Grannis:

xo, R.

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Anonymous said...

So cute Roxanne. I totally agree with the kitchen, not inviting whatsoever. You make the lovely green bin tin as chic as possible. :) And, I LOVE breakfast for any meal of the day. Adorable!