Friday, June 18, 2010

bowling, pizza, & a birthday.

Jeffrey's birthday was really fun. I missed all my friends from up here, and it was lovely to see all of them. We went to our favorite local pizza joint and then went bowling. My first game was awful. I am a terrible, terrible bowler, but I'm blaming my failure on the wonky lane we had. The second game we played was much better. We ended up switching lanes, which didn't solve my poor bowling skills entirely, but it helped. I ended with a score of 88, and did not use the bumpers that I have been known to use in the past, so I was proud of myself. Jeffrey is a much better bowler than I am. Most people are.

Sidenote: Something exciting that I don't think I've ever mentioned here is this: On our last trip to the Junk Lady, Jeffrey and I found a bowling ball that fit him perfectly, WITH HIS INITIALS ON IT. Get. Out. Of. Town. How's that for awesome? I'm banking on the fact that there's magic in that bowling ball, which helps him with his success.

Anyway, we had a blast-y blast. I think Jeffrey had a lot of fun, which is all that really matters. And the jukebox at the bowling alley kept playing really awesome songs. Awesome songs at the bowling alley! Can you believe that?! They must have known it was Jeffrey's birthday!
fierce (part I).
fierce (part II).

These were taken after about half the group had left. Clearly I need to work on taking pictures more frequently. Oh well. And Jeffrey loved his gift, but I'll save that for another post. Have a lovely weekend! xo, R.


Elise said...

i haven't been bowling in sooo long!! this looks like fun... i live right down the street from a bowling alley so maybe this weekend? :)

Destini Lea said...

Jeffrey's hair looks short in these pictures... was his haircut a lie or a truth? I must know now! he's messing with my brain.

R. said...

His haircut was a lie! He thought it was funny...