Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day Picnic

I really should be doing work right now, but I'm protesting it in the name of Love.
I had a lovely Valentine's Day and although I spent most of the day apart from my Valentine and although a cold was creeping into my system, I'll will forever file this day away as one of my favorites with my love.
I should probably stop saying that, though, because I file most days with Jeffrey as 'one of my favorites.'
Homemade, heart-shaped Pizza. We have an undying love for pizza. It's actually kind of disgusting. Our grocery store bakery makes special orders so we requested that they convert our favorite bread into pizza dough and they willingly obliged! It was a nice twist on the old classic. The heart-shape was his mom's idea. :)
This salad was kind of thrown together because we didn't have our favorite components on hand. It had strawberries, Parmesan cheese, and sunflower seeds and we used our favorite, local dressing. Very delicious.
A good picture to capture our entire picnic and, of course, I can't deny that handsome smile.
And I insisted on wearing pink tights. It's a rule that you have to wear pink, red, or purple on Valentine's Day, right?
I begged Jeffrey to bring the tripod, but I honestly wasn't happy with the way any of our pictures turned out, except for this one and it's even a little blurry. Oh well, we'll have to try it again sometime!
And the picnic blanket I embroidered last Valentine's Day.
This year, we bought a tent for Valentine's Day, but I had to have some kind of surprise. After all, Valentine's is one of my very favorite holidays. I baked him cupcakes, and he baked me cookies! We also had Chocolate Covered Strawberries, so we were on some kind of sugar overload. I will post the recipe for these another time. They were probably the best thing I've ever made!

It was a lovely holiday.

xo, R.


Daria said...

LOVE the pink tights! & the cupcakes look delish! Looks like you and Jeffrey had a splendid day :) Where did you have the picnic?

Jeffrey said...

i look CRAZY in that picture of just me. AHHH