Friday, August 13, 2010

college apartments.

It's kinda weird that in a few short days I'll be headed back up to school, ready to jump into the swing of things. I won't be living in the dorms anymore, but will instead be living in an apartment with three girlfriends I met at college. It's funny how college can be such an accelerated experience. To think that at my high school graduation, as I tossed my cap up in the air, I had no idea that I would meet three wonderful girls, yet alone be living with them.

And I'm already entering my third year of college, and on my way to becoming the elementary school teacher I always dreamed of becoming. Everyone experiences college so differently, but it's the 'college experience,' nonetheless. It's the experience everyone talks about — you leave home one person and come back another. Elements of you are the same, but there's something just a little different. Something that no one can precisely put a finger on, but it's definitely there.

For me, college wasn't always the easiest. During my first semester, I felt kind of lost. But, sometimes, if something doesn't fit quite right, you have to adjust, make some changes, and cram yourself in there anyway. I knew that no matter where I went, college would feel weird for me. It was like one minute I was in my kitchen at home baking cookies with my mom, and walking the dogs with my dad, and the next I was sitting at a small desk trying to figure out where Little Hall was. There's nothing easy about transitioning, and things become even less simple when you're thrown into a place that is unfamiliar, and you're also surrounded by unfamiliar people.

Now that I've gone through the motions, I couldn't be happier to be where I am. I love my school. I love walking to class on brisk, fall mornings, and knowing that I am nourishing my future, givings wings to my dreams, and letting them turn into realities. It took me awhile to get here, but in a few short days I will unload my reminders of home into my brand new apartment, and my two worlds will collide. And I will happily chat with my three girlfriends about how we will decorate the living room, and what we will wear to our upcoming 21st birthdays. And, yeah, things are different, but they are also the same because I still have laughter, excitement, and a whole lotta love.

xo, R.

(Also, I really want a pair of gray boots for fall/winter. I would prefer that they weren't high heeled and that they were leather/faux leather. And, most importantly, I would prefer that they are relatively inexpensive. Anyone know of any goodies out there?)


Christina said...

Apartment living is going to be so much fun for you. While dorms are essential to the college experience, your third year marks an entirely different way of life. You start digging deeper into your major and making significant life decisions. Really, I found that my third year of college was only the beginning of discovering who I was as a person.

3rd year is fantastic! I wish you well!

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