Friday, December 10, 2010

why i won't be here.

It's finals week. Oh, your finals are already over? Yeah, I know. I think my school is the only one in the nation who thinks it's appropriate to make finals week the entire week before Christmas.

When am I supposed to do my Christmas shopping? I blame you, Dean of Students, if the people in my life have hap-hazard Christmas gifts. So Mr. Dean, if you get angry snail mail, you know where it came from. And I'm not taking the blame.

That is all. See you on Thursday when I'm cuddled up at home with my sweet pups. Which reminds me, any kind thoughts for my oldest pup would be greatly appreciated. His heart isn't what it used to be and it's not being super reliable right now. He's a hearty old man, so we're hoping he'll push through it, but your love and kindness sent his way would still be very welcomed. xo, R.

hello, cute animal.
He's cute, right? Sorry it's not the best photo ever. He's as shy as they come, so this is the best I could do, which is pretty good considering he's very, very scared of the camera (and vacuums, thunder, fireworks, and anything else that makes unpleasant noises).


Anonymous said...

Dear Sister-

I'm pretty sure UW's exams don't end until December 22.


Love you!

Christina said...

Believe me, I completely understand. GaTech has declared it national rain on every single one of Christina's parades month. Husband's exams don't end till the 17th. At least you have the week of Christmas!