Sunday, February 7, 2010

a lovely weekend.

i went home this weekend and we had a really nice time.
jeffrey and i shared a root beer from the bottle on the way home.

{his attempt at the 'elvis face.'}
we listened to old crow medicine show and the avett brothers.
my family got thai food take out and played bananagrams.
my mom and i fell in love with this blog.
my dog cuddled up to me and stayed with me all night.

{he thinks he's too good to pose for pictures.}
on saturday, we got my computer fixed at screwbox solutions (probably one of the finest shops i have ever been to.)
we ate lunch at smoke.
we ooh-ed and aw-ed over every piece of merchandise at indigo bee.
we bought sharpie pens (my dad and i are newly obsessed!).
i went out to dinner with my two best friends, sara and alex.
my mom and i stayed up late sharing creative ideas.
my dog cuddled up to me, but was being a bed hog, so only stayed with me half the night.
we woke up on sunday and made german pancakes. highly recommend.
we also made paula deen's apple cake. also, highly recommend.

{paula deen's cake required that you poke holes in it so that you could fill them with a buttery sauce.}
my mom and i went to target, our favorite place to shop — especially together!
we bought dove chocolates for valentine's day.
jeffrey and i drove back to school and shared fries and a coke from mcdonald's. it's practically tradition by now.
i hope your weekend was just as lovely! xo


LW said...

It was and I thank you. XO

Anonymous said...

that cake was delicious!! I'm glad you had a nice weekend- but I'm even more glad you're back :)