Thursday, April 8, 2010

outside eating.

The weather has been too perfect and since this 70º bliss doesn't last too long, Jeffrey and I have been enjoying almost all of our meals outside. It is so sweet to meet Jeffrey on campus with our packed lunches and compare & share what we brought. It's like lunch in elementary school all over again and I love it. Plus, we often see people that we know and get to chat with them for awhile — the joys of eating outside are absolutely endless.
arch pond
Oh, and my Easter Peeps were such a welcome treat during these last few lunches. I haven't stopped carrying them around with me. I have lost all control when it comes to Easter candy.

xo, R.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I never eat outside (unless I'm on a picnic, of course!), but you've completely made me want to. And Peeps! Did you hear there was a shortage of Peeps this year? Haha!! :)

xoxoKrysten said...

I am jealous of that weather. We had a few nice days and now we're back to cold.

Evie said... + Easter Candy = bad news.

Seriously...I ate some after breakfast this morning.

rachel said...

that does sound like alot of fun - i would love that too. eating lunch outside is just the perfect break when i am at the office. and a picnic would be even better!

Destini Lea said...

You look absolutely adorable in that picture. I love your bangs too!

I had a reese's easter egg for breakfast this morning.

Christina said...

Those outdoor shots look like Florida all the way! I can recognize those palmettos anywhere.