Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Winter Break In Pictures

To say I had a fantastic winter break would be an understatement. It was full of family, full of food, full of love, and full of relaxation — all the things a winter break should be. And when words don't quite describe the beauty of things, there are always pictures.
{Christmas morning.}
{Christmas dinner at my aunt's house.}
{Homemade Marshmallows.}
{Fentiman's Curiosity Cola.}
{This little guy.}
{This not-so-little guy ... who enjoys chewing his toys to a pulp.}
{These slippers; quite possibly the coziest item I have ever owned.}
{Sandwiches from our favorite Italian Market.}
{And of course we had to make homemade graham crackers to go with our homemade marshmallows. And then of course we had to make S'mores. Recipes here and here. Thank you, Smitten Kitchen!}
{Homemade Pizza.}
{The beach during Winter.}
{Monogrammed Mug.}
{Nail Painting.}
{Raisinets & Up In The Air.}
{Valentine-making a couple days after the New Year. We're pretty serious.}
{The adorable result.}



Anonymous said...

So much fun to revisit our wonderful Christmastime sights, sounds, tastes and textures through your blog -- warms my heart! Great memories. Thanks, Rox.

Laura said...


Evie said...

Nice pictures sister!!! :-)