Monday, January 25, 2010


Who can say whether or not love is coincidental or fateful or pre-determined?

All I know is that it really doesn't matter because I found love in an amazing guy and sometimes I wake up in the morning and think to myself, "Oh my God, how did I get so lucky?" My boyfriend is a stand up guy and has done everything in the world for me. I never thought I would meet someone who truly knows me inside-out. Sometimes he even knows me better than I know my own self.

He lets me keep his big, green sweater.
He lets me eat all the ice cream I want.
He gives me kisses on the cheek.
He gives me kisses on the forehead.
He gives me kisses on the nose.
He dances with me in the hallway while no one is watching.
He twirls me around when I ask him to.
He encourages my hopes.
He believes in my dreams.

He makes me the best version of myself.
I am in love with the most incredible guy and I love it.


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I LOVE YOU+))))))))))))))))))))