Monday, November 15, 2010

the weekend.

Lots of buses were used as vehicles for different businesses. Some of them still have the original painted-on logos!
Some of them are super rusty like this one! Lots of bus enthusiasts like them this way. :)
Jeffrey's overall favorite of the day. That's the original paint job! The windows that pop out in the front are a hot commodity and so is that roof rack!
It was a crazy weekend.

1. It all started when I got a phone call from Jeffrey that started like this: "Rox, I'm okay, but my bus caught on fire." I'm pretty sure I skipped over the "Rox, I'm okay" part, and focused solely on the "my bus caught on fire" part. What the what?! It's scary enough that my boyfriend drives a vehicle that requires the presence of a fire extinguisher at all times but, like Jeffrey said, I never thought he'd actually have to use it. The good news is that the bus is going to be totally fine. Jeffrey's quick thinking and help from some friendly fellow interstate-drivers got the fire out in no time, and there is minimal damage to the engine.

2. For the first time ever, my dog Petey seemed really old. It made me feel a little sentimental (most things do), but the fact that he still jets out the door (and nearly pulls your arm from its socket) every time he gets to go for a walk is comforting.

3. Jeffrey and I got stuck in traffic on the interstate on the way back to school. I really hope everyone involved in the accident that caused all the traffic is okay. We spent our hour delay talking about Jeffrey's dream bus. It quickly became my dream bus, too. I try not to love those things (endangering my boyfriend's life with a fiery engine doesn't really appeal to me), but sometimes it's really hard. They're just so freakin' cute!

4. My sister's birthday was on Friday and we sorta-kinda celebrated with her! She opened her presents with us via Skype (what I got her), my mom and I made the same cake she made all the way in Wisconsin, and we ate it together via Skype. Yay Skype!

5. And the craziest thing of all: There was no trip to Target. Not one, I tell you. I think we were all shocked. And, to be honest, a little upset about it. Don't worry though. A trip to Target is already in the works for when I go home for Thanksgiving.

Things that happened that weren't crazy but still awesome:
We went out for pizza topped with mozzarella, ricotta, and meatballs. SO. GOOD.
Bulli Brigade was a success (even though Jeffrey's cute little red bus was not able to make an appearance).
The antique show was wonderful, as always.
I enjoyed breakfast with Jeffrey and his grandma (love and adore her!).
I spent some time in my mom's classroom. She has the most adorable class this year!
And Jeffrey and I shared McD's fries and a chocolate shake on the way back to school.

How was your weekend? xo, R.


Laura said...

I cannot believe we didn't go to Target! The question truly is...what were we thinking? Oh well, it will make us appreciate our next visit to Target even more. Of course, we could each visit our local Target and talk to each other on our phones while we are there. Not quite the same, but definitely a possibility. Love you and miss you. XXOO

Destini Lea said...

Oh my goodness, poor Jeffrey and his bus! And poor you! You're just like me though, it's funny. I get so nervous about my dear friend Andrew riding his bike around downtown SF all the time, I have seen/heard about so many car-biker accidents. I love that you guys share fries and chocolate shakes and cokes and stuff, soo cute. And your family skype story is adorable! I hope everything's going well for you all.

Sarah said...

I absolutely love Target, too! Even time I'm home, it's a must with either family or friends. Glad to hear you had a good weekend! That's too bad about Jeffrey's bus, at least he's okay, though!