Thursday, March 4, 2010

favorite things.

Often times, I have things in my life that I really, really like, but don't particularly need. They're the kind of objects that I come across and i think to myself, "Man, I don't need you, but you sure make my life a whole lot better." Those items can easily be classified as my favorite things. These little trinkets have the ability to make a not-so-special day seem pretty spectacular. In my book, anyway.
My parents gave me this body scrub for Valentine's Day. It's mixed with big crystals of sugar that make it excellent for exfoliating, but it still manages to foam up really nicely just like a regular body wash. I use this about once a week and I got it in the Green Tea & Cucumber variety. It smells so fresh and makes my skin feel so smooth. You can purchase it here. (It's a little costly, but I imagine if you use it sparingly like I do, it should last a long while.)
Last time I was home my dad bought some Chobanis at the grocery store. I've tried Greek Yogurt before, but wasn't impressed. I think the fruit on the bottom is what really sold me on it. I bought plain the first time and found it to be too bitter, but the fruit adds just the right amount of sweetness. Greek Yogurt can be a little pricey, too, but Chobani is kind enough to offer coupons on their website and they will send them to your e-mail.
A few weeks ago while I was at Target, my mom told me I needed to pick up some Ticonderoga pencils. I have been using mechanical for so long, I forgot what it was like to use the traditional No.2. I have to say, I'm really enjoying them. They write so smoothly and their erasers work like a dream. Plus, there's nothing like the smell of freshly sharpened pencils.
This little guy always amuses me. He sits wisely on my bed and I can't get enough of his face. Jeffrey made me this pillow for my Birthday and I think it's one of the greatest gifts I've received. It's just so personal and one-of-a-kind and it never fails to make me smile.
The weather lately has been so rainy, I've been wearing these almost everyday. I can't say I mind, though. They're just so cheery. I got these at ForLove 21 last year, but I'm almost positive they're no longer selling them. I think every girl should own a pair of colorful rain boots. They give rainy days an element of pizazz!

xo, R.


Evie said...

That was a fun, albeit frustrating day (since it took FOREVER to find rain boots).

Miss you sister.

Elyssa said...

i lOVE your blog! one day evie gave me the link when i was having a boring day at work, and i check every once and awhile. i must say, i find it inspirational! i think i want to buy myself some of those pencils and a new pair of rainboots!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hi, I adore you. This is the best post EVER! I have never tasted Greek Yogurt before, but you've made me want to. And I couldn't agree more...every girl should have a pretty pair of wellies. Mine are black with blue polka dots!! :)