Friday, June 11, 2010

the excited post.

minnesota lake house chairs.
I woke up this morning and I just felt excited. About everything. My trip to Wisconsin to see my sister is slowly inching closer and closer. I can't wait to experience all the places she gushes about on the phone and finally see her cute little apartment. Before that, Jeffrey is putting on his 3rd bike race — something that takes lots of time and preparation, and if I may brag, he does a stellar job. I'm serious. He puts his heart and soul into these things and It. Is. So. Obvious. We went to our favorite local donut shop this morning, and although the original owners sold the shop to another family, our favorite guy was still working there and greeted us with a happy "Good morning Donut Family!" I love nice people. And come fall, I'll finally be taking classes that mean the world to me. Classes that will catapult me into a journey that I've been waiting to embark on. I love knowing that I was molded perfectly to become a teacher. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing I'm going to school to become exactly what I want to be. Have a great weekend, lovelies.

What are you excited about?

xo, R.


Sarah said...

Aw, this is wonderful! Next week, can we do a coffee date again? :) Or anything, really. Just get together. Pwease?

R. said...

Hey, I'll be visiting Jeffrey, but the week after that is great for me! Does that work for you?

Evie said...