Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Devil's Food Cake

I have a horrible habit of expecting every single thing I make to turn out perfectly.
This weekend, my dad celebrated his Birthday and my mom and I wanted to make something special. I'm not going to lie, my family is a huge supporter of the box cake. Cringe if you will, but the box cake is delicious. And easy. And, honestly, who doesn't love that? But because we're bakers at heart, we wanted to make something from scratch.
Enter Devil's Food Cupcakes. A recipe from the Martha Stewart Cupcakes book, these cupcakes promised to be moist, tangy, and decadent. And with few difficult procedures, they seemed like a win-win.
Now, to be fair, these cupcakes weren't horrible. They weren't even bad. They were actually very, very tasty. Let's just say my mom and I were expecting something different. I would suggest filling each individual cupcake with more batter than recommended (this made them moister), and I would also suggest allowing ample time for the Ganache frosting to set. Ample meaning 1-2 hours. And, guess what? You don't actually need to stir every five minutes. The Ganache sets just fine all on its own.
Usually I would say that baked goods are at their best when they come right out of the oven, but I actually preferred these cupcakes the next day. I would certainly make these cupcakes again with my [new and improved] adaptations in mind.



Anonymous said...

These look absolutely delicious! :)

LW said...

The best part of those cupcakes, was the time spent making them with you. XO

Evie said...

Your photos in the last few posts are amazing!!! You should start a blog that's just food. We could co-blog. :-) Call it Florida/Wisconsin...or something...more clever...