Friday, November 30, 2012

friday inspiration.


{1} At-home honey facial.

{2} This just makes my heart happy. :)

{3} Oh, Leslie Knope.

{4} Chocolate Nutella & Sea Salt Fudge (would be a wonderful holiday gift for co-workers).

{5} These monochromatic spray painted bottles are so lovely (something similar will make an appearance at our wedding).

{6} I adore this unexpectedly festive succulent centerpiece.

Dear Friends, I hope you have a really fantastic weekend. I am looking forward to sleeping in! I might also make some granola or something equally tasty. It is my bliss not to have any plans for the weekend. Such a wonderful feeling! I'm absolutely shocked that tomorrow already brings us into December. It always seems like time goes by more quickly as the years pass. I am so, so thrilled to really kick off the holiday season — such a magical and special time! Can't wait to set my tree up in our little window, so that passersby can enjoy! :) I hope you all have some moments to yourself to take it easy this weekend. Any special plans? xo, R.

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LW said...

I can't believe it's Friday already. I am looking forward to weekend of garage sales, putting up the rest of our decorations and maybe a nice walk. And we might even do a little Christmas shopping. :) Love you. XXOO