Monday, December 3, 2012

list thirty-two: favorite romantic comedies.

rom coms

Oh, romantic comedies. My favorite genre forever and ever, Amen. I don't care that naysayers out there think that romantic comedies are straight predictable garbage because THEY MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY. I mean, who can argue with a movie that will absolutely, guaranteed have a happy ending? I certainly can't. Plus, I just love love. So there's that, too. Because I love them so much, it's difficult for me to choose ten that are my absolute favorite, but because I love you all so much, I will try. I know, so generous of me. :)

1. You've Got Mail. This is probably my all-time favorite romantic comedy. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan have undeniable chemistry and I love all the sets, too. On top of that, I have very fond memories watching this movie countless times with my mom.

2. Penelope. I feel like this movie never gets the love it deserves — it's so underrated. I loooove James McAvoy's performance and Christina Ricci is a gem. The entire film is beyond magical and so lovely in every way possible.

3. The Holiday. I would be remiss not to include this sweet little movie on the list. Jack Black is so charming and funny and I love Kate Winslet's elderly neighbor. Cameron Diaz and Jude Law seem so believable as a couple (which is of utmost importance when choosing good rom-coms, in my opinion). Plus, I actually think the storyline is a little unconventional and unique.

4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Throughout my high school days this was, hands down, my favorite movie. I adore Kate Hudson and think the premise of the movie is really funny and sweet. There are so many precious moments throughout the movie that are both heartwarming and hilarious.

5. Sabrina. Audrey Hepburn is my favorite, favorite, favorite actress of all time. Her poise and grace is timeless and so sincere. Her wardrobe in this film is impeccable and I love Humphrey Bogart as the unlikely hero. There's something so endearing about him as the underdog.

6. Pride & Prejudice. I don't know that this can be classified as a comedy, but I have watched this movie three times in one month and enjoyed it every time. Keira Knightley is perfect as Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy...oh, Mr. Darcy. Matthew Macfadyen plays him so impeccably. And the scene where they meet at dawn, in the meadow, with the fog...I just can't. Too much perfect.

7. Amélie. I have no words. A truly, truly magical film. Audrey Tautou is beyond sweet and cute and her love interest is perfectly adorable. The best part of this movie is that Amélie begins to do randomly sweet things for complete strangers. It makes me want to hop up and do the same thing. A sweet message with a sweet storyline. Yay!

8. The Proposal. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have some of the best onscreen chemistry I have ever seen and they are a joy to watch together. Not only are the sets beautiful, but there is a really cute dog, too (had to mention it). Beyond that, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are just two very good looking people, so that helps.

9. Valentine's Day. I think this one's probably the cheesiest one to make the list, but that's partly what I love about it. I'm also Jennifer Garner's biggest fan and I think she's a doll in this film. I love movies with multiple small storylines that intersect to create one big storyline (Love Actually is similar in this sense, which is another one I love). Of course after you've seen it once, you know what's coming, but the first watch comes as such a complete surprise, which I appreciate. (P.S. The Julia Roberts/Bradley Cooper storyline may be my favorite, but it's hard to choose.)

10. No Strings Attached. I think this movie got a lot of flack/criticism, which is fine (to each his own), but I actually really liked it. I think Natalie Portman is really endearing and convincing and Ashton Kutcher is a complete romantic. Not to mention, Jake Johnson is so likeable and funny. I love when supporting characters are unexpectedly wonderful.

Congratulations for reading all the way through. You are a trooper! It was hard for me to choose just ten. Some other favorites: Leap Year, The Wedding Date, When Harry Met Sally, Roman Holiday, He's Just Not That Into You, Life as We Know It, A Lot Like Love, Going the Distance, and Hitch.

Any that I missed? Let me know. I love new suggestions! xo, R.



LW said...

I have a few more to add. Annie Hall, Philidelphia Story, It Happened One Night, An American President and Notting Hill. I wish I could take the day off and watch a bunch of these all day long! Maybe over the holidays. XXOO

Roxanne said...

An American President so deserves to be on here! LOVE that movie! xxoxo