Wednesday, September 26, 2012

around portland, II.

Giving Portland one post would not have done it justice. Above are some more photos from our time in Oregon! Sometimes I wish I had posted about this trip sooner, just to make sure I didn't forget any of the smallest memories. When I look at these pictures, though, I am immediately flooded back to the moments when they were snapped. I love that pictures can do that. 

Walking down those stairs, I remember talking to my parents about the names Jeffrey and I had picked out for our future dogs. Such a small and insignificant moment, but planted in my mind forever. Or, I look at the picture of my parents and I'm reminded of them quickly running inside Stumptown so I could snap a picture from the outside looking in. They later decided that the coffee there was overpriced and not as good as some of their other favorites. Remembering all these tiny details -- the small parts that equal one big trip -- is a joy that only photographs can stir within me. xo, R.

{1} More neighborhood flowers (because Portland has the most beautiful flowers in all the land!)
{2} Secret stairs + Multnomah Falls
{3} Stumptown Coffee Roasters
{4} Curried soup at Pok Pok
{5} A breakfast lover's dream at Lovejoy Bakers
{6} Antique doorknob display at Old Portland Hardware & Architectural

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jeffrey said...

the picture of your parents is so cool!!!!! +)