Tuesday, July 24, 2012

around portland.


We have had a fascination with Portland for quite sometime now. "We" as in reference to myself, my mom and dad, and Jeffrey. So it was appropriate that Jeffrey and Derek decided to kick their cycling tour off in Portland, and that my mom, dad and I would make our way to that sweet little city just a few days later.

Sometimes it's possible to build something (or even someone) up in the mind and imagine its splendor and detail very vividly, and thus, overestimate how much it will be enjoyed. In Portland's case, this was not so. I adore that city and all its sweet charm and vivacity and was ever-so-pleased to discover that my mind's ideas matched quite perfectly with the real thing.

We were blessed with a few sunny days strung together (apparently quite rare in Portland), which was absolutely wonderful. But is it wrong to tell you that I wished it would rain? Sort of like in the movie Sabrina when Audrey Hepburn says that a rainy day in Paris is imperative. I do love the rain. Sunny weather is much appreciated, but there is something so honest and charming and cozy about a rainy day.

Images: {1} The Ace Hotel; {2} Part of a lovely mural inside the Ace; {3} Darling little park in the middle of the Pearl District (where we enjoyed ice cream from Cool Moon Ice Cream Co.); {4} Lovejoy Bakers; {5} Pecan Sticky Roll from Lovejoy; {6} Little Big Burger + Adirondacks outside of Lovejoy; {7} Taxidermy hyena inside a funky architectural shop; {8} Ace Hotel room door; {9} Antique shopping in the Southeast

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