Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm sorry i'm obsessed with my dog.

But he's really cute, right? His ear totally looks like a bat's ear, and I think that makes it about 100,000x cuter than it already was. Plus, he's got that model pose spot-on. And obviously I don't prompt this stuff because a) you can't force that cuteness and b) I've never met a dog that models on command.

In other news, I ate at Leonardo's with Jeffrey today, made chicken noodle soup with him for dinner, and watched American Pickers (our new favorite show). I also pretended to get some work done, then actually got some work done, then watched Maid in Manhattan while I was supposed to be getting work done, and now I'm going to buckle down and get some work done. I think it's time for Thanksgiving break. xo, R.

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Sarah said...

Hahah I love your description of "getting work done". It sounds just like me! Whenever I sit down to do some readings for class, I automatically start thinking of other things to do, whether or not they're necessary, and once they enter my head, I am so jumbled up and unfocused that I just do them so I can sit down and try to work again. 2 hours of work takes me about 3 days on average :P