Friday, November 19, 2010

have a great weekend.

cherry picking.
{ We went cherry picking in Wisconsin this summer, and it was really fun. Kinda wish I was there right now. :) }

I've got plenty of schoolwork on the agenda, but maybe I'll find some fun somewhere in between my pile of assignments. I went to a little math night last night at a local elementary school, and it's always so nice to be somewhere and think to myself, "Yeah. I was totally meant to be a teacher." The kids were running around because it's oh-so-exciting to be at your school after hours. It just made my heart feel full. Someday pretty soon I'll be a teacher at one of those schools. And that makes me really happy. Have a really beautiful weekend. xo, R.


Laken said...

This post made me smile.. that's such a great feeling to be excited for you future and career like that.
Have a wonderful weekend. xo

(ps. what a great picture!)

Laura said...

Makes me happy, too. XXOO Love you.

Destini Lea said...

aww, that's a great picture!! i'm so happy that you're happy in the teacher field :)