Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't mean to brag, but I'm going to anyway.
I've bragged about my parents once before, and they're just so amazing that I'm going to do it again.
These past few weeks have been horrendous in the school work department and I have never felt so overwhelmed or accountable for so many things.
My head is spinning.

But my parents. God bless them. No, really. I would be buried in ripped up rough drafts, scrap papers scribbled with mathematical formulas, and Dove chocolate wrappers if it weren't for them.

And yes, I've consumed quite the amount of Dove chocolates, but I found the motivation to throw the wrappers away.

Let me just tell you.

My dad is like an editing fairy, or something. But since that sounds too feminine, we'll call him an editing leprechaun or maybe an editing gnome, whichever sounds more magical. The point is, when I have reached the paper-writing dead end (yeah, it exists), my dad will fill my head with new ideas, fix my grammatical mistakes (because I've looked at the paper for far too long to even notice them anymore), and just save me in general. And because he knows me so well, he'll occasionally remind me to pray because in the midst of all this chaos, sometimes I forget.

And my mom, she's like the motivating fairy. I have called her at all my worst moments and by the end of the conversation, she has convinced me that I can not only write the paper, but also bake cupcakes, watch Ugly Betty, do my hair, clean my desk off, and still have the time to relax. All in one night. She has a way of making scary-huge tasks seem like tiny-little-things-I-might-feel-like-accomplishing-today. And I really hope that when I have kids, I have that superpower because it has saved me so many times.

And they also tell me really nice things about how I should go out to dinner with Jeffrey this week and they'll pick up the tab because we totally deserve it after the week we've been through.

And it's those kinds of things that make me appreciate my parents.
And it's those kinds of things that make me so very happy to get to go home for Spring Break in two weeks and spend time with them.
And it's those kinds of things that make me so glad that I can call them my most treasured confidants.
And yeah. I like to talk about my parents. Mainly because they're awesome and have always been there for me.
And quite frankly, I think that's something to celebrate.

Here's to you, Mom and Dad. I love you.

xo, R.


LW said...

You got me. I think you know what that means. :) XXXXOOO

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I heart you...such a beautiful tribute to your parents. I don't know what I'd do without my mom either. :)