Tuesday, December 4, 2012

holiday crafts.

holiday crafts

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Now that it's December, I'm perfectly content to let my holiday freak flag fly. I just adore the Christmas season and everything surrounding it. I wouldn't really consider myself a very crafty person, but these 6 crafts from Pinterest actually seem doable. Here's to hoping I actually try at least one of them out! xo, R.


Jeffrey said...

I like the pine cone idea! Seafoam green.

LW said...

I like the Christmas trees cut out of the paint chips. They'd make neat gift tags. I need a craft to do with my class. Any ideas? XXOO

Roxanne said...

I really like these: http://pinterest.com/pin/223561568972103940/

Fresh take on an old classic. Whatever you decide to do, it would be fun to make those sweet little snowman tags. You could use white pom poms instead of buttons! xo