Friday, March 9, 2012

baseball game.

baseball game #1
baseball game #2
baseball game #3
baseball game #5
baseball game #4

On Tuesday, my dad and I went to a spring training game for the Rays, which is something we did last spring break as well. The weather was perfectly lovely (with a lot of wind!) and we were more than happy to lay our picnic blanket down and make a seat in the grass.

During the seventh inning, we moved to another grassy spot and found ourselves sitting with four or five young boys who were determined to catch foul baseballs. Most of them had already caught at least one or two, but two of them had none at all. One of the boys was very keen on orchestrating a plan so that everyone had the chance to get a baseball. It was the cutest (and funniest) thing to watch! Unfortunately, the Rays lost, and the two boys were unable to catch a baseball, but maybe next time!

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