Thursday, March 17, 2011

the tampa bay rays.

spring training
spring training_2

My family (mainly my dad and me) has been a fan of the Rays for a really long time. My dad and I try to go to the games, but between all my school stuff and all his work stuff, it doesn't always work out. We made a special trip down to Charlotte County to see a Rays spring training game over my spring break. We got seats on the lawn, which was awesome! We brought a blanket and laid it out on the grass, took our shoes off, and enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather. Of course we had to get a couple hot dogs, a Coke, and a lemonade to finish it all off. And, there may have been peanuts.

We won in the 10th inning, which was awesomely exciting! My favorite (BJ Upton) didn't play, but a person we know from back home is currently on the spring training team and he was playing. It was a wonderful day! xo, R.

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Ed Woltil said...

Go Rays! That was an awesome special day, Rox (along with every other day of your spring break) you!