Friday, February 17, 2012

florida travel guide: restaurants.

travel guide

Northern Florida

> Lunchbox. A sweet little spot for outdoor dining, Lunchbox offers fresh, veg-friendly cuisine. We like the tacos. They also offer homemade soda, unique desserts, and delicious french fries.

> Satchel's. Our personal favorite. Honestly, the best pizza I have ever tasted. The deep dish and traditional pizzas are equally impressive. Always, always order a salad. Stop at Lightning Salvage (the backdoor trinket shop) before leaving. On the weekends, go early or you'll wait forever. It's worth it, though.

> Boca Fiesta. If you like Mexican food with a twist, you'll probably like this. We like getting the chips and queso more than anything. (They also offer alligator tacos, if you're into that kind of thing.)

> Dragonfly. Delicious sushi. I like the grilled chicken roll as someone who is not a seafood fan. Tempura cheesecake and Tempura ice cream are insanely delicious dessert selections.

> The Top. Quirky atmosphere with a special Sunday brunch, wide (delicious) selection of desserts, and veg-friendly entrees. Also, a photobooth.

> Leonardo's. Pizza, fast. Inexpensive, really tasty. Slices to try: Thick cheese, Portobello, Spin Tom. Calzones are wonderful (but take about 20 minutes to prepare). I also really love the Organic salad. Get the rolls with both kinds of sauces.

> La Tienda. Authentic Mexican food at a decent price. The Chimichanga is our favorite. Good chips, lots of bottled soda selections. A must try for Mexican food lovers.

> Plaza Coffee Shop. Quintessential diner, straight out of a book or movie set. Incredible pancakes, traditional diner food, a must-eat breakfast place if there ever was one!

Central Florida

> Toula's Trailside Cafe. Located on the county's public bicycle trail, Toula's is the perfect spot for breakfast. Favorites: Greek or Italian Scramble and the Banana Bread French Toast. Big portions, easy to split.

> Cappy's. The best deep dish slice of pizza in the South, I guarantee it (I've also heard the NY slice is good). Get the Greek salad and sit outside. There are three locations, all of which are most likely awesome. Our go-to location is in a historic house. Also, they give bubblegum with the bill. That should be reason enough to GO THERE.

> Mazzaro's Italian Market. A really neat Italian grocery store with amazing (and amazingly priced) sandwiches. We like the #2 (not pressed). A very impressive selection of bottled sodas, an incredible bakery (!), and a fun place to simply browse. This place is always crowded, but it is worth it!

> El Cap. The best no-fuss burger I have ever tasted. Plain and simple.

> Thai Basil. My favorite restaurant, maybe ever. Friendly service, great meals, and the most delicious Thai iced tea that ever was. Suggestions: Chicken Cashew, Red Curry with tofu, and Vegetable Pad Thai.

> Cristino's. Wonderful thin sliced pizza. We like to get the Margherita with pepperoni. Seriously, the best (Best!) pepperoni I have EVER had. Their gelato is really good, too.

> O'Keefe's. A really fun and unique selection of burgers. Reminds of the kind of place that would be especially fun to duck into on a rainy day.

> Pinky's. The best breakfast in the bay area. Really funky, fun atmosphere with friendly service. Their frittatas are especially tasty. They also have really great pancakes.

> Pizza Shack. The best breadsticks. The best calzones. A family favorite for many, many years.

> Main Bar Sandwich Shop. Probably the best pressed Italian sandwich I have ever had. Plus, all kinds of really neat, vintage circus photos on the walls.


Sis said...

Yum yum yum yum!

One addition: The Main Bar Sandwich Shop in Sarasota. :-)

mina said...

i've been meaning to put together a travel guide for some of the places we've been forever and just haven't gotten around to it.

this is great. we've been toying with the idea of going to florida in march so these might come in handy.