Monday, February 20, 2012

little snapshots.

snapshot #1
snapshots #6
snapshots #5
snapshots #4
snapshots #3
snapshots #2

1. There's something about bulletin boards that I really love.
2. Valentine's flowers for my mom (from my dad).
3. This cute little guy.
4. Sister's artwork (pictured: My beautiful Grammy).
5. Wise old soul.
6. Year of dates for my dad (from my mom).

I felt like a weekend at home could do me good so that's exactly where I went. I finally saw The Help (and loved it), we made apple crisp (recipe to come), we took a 9.5 mile walk (!) and stopped at O'Keefe's to celebrate, saw Dolphin Tale, went to Cristino's, met my sweet, 6.5-week old cousin, and my mom and I made two Target runs, which is a necessity during a weekend at home. It was the perfect weekend to get rejuvenated and remind myself of the strong roots from which I come. Happy Monday, friends! xo

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christine donee said...

those. flowers. are. gorgeous.