Friday, February 24, 2012

florida travel guide: places to see (part 1).

travel guide
places to see
This ended up being a much longer list than I originally anticipated. I asked for suggestions from friends and family, so this is the best of the best. Northern Florida suggestions to come!

Central Florida

> Orange Blossom Grove. Citrus is a quintessential Florida staple. At Orange Blossom Grove you can buy citrus, soft serve ice cream, taffy, tacky Florida souvenirs (that are actually kind of awesome), Florida honey, and you can see a little backdoor peak of how they manage all their citrus. It's a small little outing, but one that's really fun and happy.

> The Tampa Theatre. This theatre is one of the most beautiful, magical places I've ever seen. I automatically feel like I'm going back in time when I step inside. Whether you sign up for a haunted tour or decide to see a movie instead, it is definitely worth a trip!

> Heritage Village. One of my personal favorites, Heritage Village saves historical homes and opens them to the public. Everything from an old caboose to a (vast) assortment of old doctors' tools to an old schoolhouse (complete with bell) is located on the property. And it's educational, too, which is an added bonus (in my opinion)!

>Tampa Bay Rays (Spring Training) Game. I am a baseball fan, and I think it's even more fun when you get to go to a game. The spring training games are a super fun time, and I love the regular season games as well.

> Sarasota Salvage Yard. This is such a fun and unique place to visit if you're looking for an attraction that's more off the beaten path (those are my favorite). There are so many neat objects to look at and a bunch of hidden treasures that would make really special souvenirs. A must-see, for sure.

> Florida Parks. Florida has a significant amount of parks that are incredible and so much fun to visit. If you are visiting Florida and need a list of recommendations, please email me.

> Lowry Park Zoo. If you enjoy zoos, Lowry Park is a really, really great one. One of my top recommendations for something fun and special to do in Florida.

> Ringling Museum of Art. I can't say enough about the Ringling Museum. From beautiful banyan trees to a beautiful rose garden to an incredible mansion to beautiful artwork to amazing vintage circus paraphernalia, it is truly (!) a gem to behold.

> Hillsborough River. Canoeing on this river is one of the most relaxing, serene, and peaceful trips I have ever taken. The natural beauty is breathtaking and it's a front seat to some of Florida's finest aspects.

> St. Petersburg Art Museum & The Dali Museum. I have not yet been to the new Dali museum, but I am sure it is incredible. As for the St. Pete Art Museum, it's a lovely place to visit.

> Historic Ybor City Tour. We went on this tour a few years ago, and it was so much fun to learn a bit more about Ybor's history. I certainly recommend it for people who enjoy learning about the past!

> Indian Rocks Beach. A small, but beautiful beach that is less crowded than the ever-popular Clearwater Beach. A bit more scenic and peaceful, which is exactly what a beach should be, in my opinion.


Lauren said...

growing up my family went to destin for a week in the summer. florida has the most beautiful beaches - crystal clear water and white sand. This post makes me want to further explore the state

Megan Nicole said...

Love this! I recently had some couch surfers inquire about things to do in the area. Do you mind if I send them the link to your blog?

Roxanne said...

Megan, not at all! I'd be happy for others to be able to use the guide! :)