Monday, March 21, 2011

The Quirk Project (No. 10)

Today I have a list of Bridget's quirks. If you haven't checked her blog out already, go right now! You will be come addicted, though.
bridget quirks 1
bridget quirks 2
Bridget's Quirks

1. I pick split ends. I mean I can spend a good hour or so doing this -- staring, almost cross-eyed, at the ends of my hair and picking each one, one by one. It's addicting and I am here to warn you: do not start. And also, don't try to stop me once I'm on a roll. I'll just get pissed.

2. I used to (maybe still do... once in awhile) pluck my big toe and feet with a tweezer instead of shaving them. They're not particularly hairy but I think I was (am?) afraid if I shaved them, the hair would increase. So I twist like a gymnast on my bathroom counter and pluck each hair. I'm starting to see a pattern of quirks having to do with hair.

3. In keeping with hair, I used to lay on my bedroom floor (grade-school guys, grade-school) on my stomach with my face to one side, and when the sun would shine, I'd see every dog or human hair on my floor and i would gather them all into piles by sweeping my hand across the floor and then throw away the piles. I really don't like stray hairs. Totally normal.

4. This is more of a character flaw then a quirk. Quirk implies cute little endearing traits... character flaw, not so much. My own mess, be it my bedroom or bathroom, is okay by me. I know I'll get to it. Steve leaves his things around: "Pick up your f-ing socks!!" (Freaking guys, I meant freaking.)

5. I narrate for my dog. All the live-long day. In this dumb little voice (it's not a super annoying baby voice though. Don't worry, guys.) I go on and on and on. Steve does too though. Yup. Throwing him under the bus. Funny story that just happened. Gracie is outside in the snow -- we're both inside where she can't even hear us -- and we're still narrating for her: "Hey guys. I'm out in the snow. It's hard to get through." There's always a "Hey guys," before the things she "says."

6. I really like a clean inbox. It gives me agita (definition: heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach) to have a bunch of stuff in my inbox but lately there's no way around it. There's a bunch that need to stay there till I've addressed them. That sounds super fancy. I'm really mostly a stay-at-home-Mom. Don't be fooled.

7. I love the Bachelor. That's not a quirk. Just a confession. I loooooooooooove The Bachelor (or Bachelorette, but really The Bachelor more because a bunch of girls in the house gets way more testy than a bunch of men). Steve watches it with me. We cuddle and laugh about how many times we'll hear, "I'm here for the right reason," "I've done a lot of soul-searching," or "Those other girls aren't right for you." Oh and, "Brad...Ladies, this is the final rose. When you're ready."

Disclaimer: While writing these quirks I picked 8 split ends. Wait. Now 9.


And on that note, I've decided to take a break from the quirks. I've been really busy with school and haven't had time to devote to it at all. I might bring them back in the future. Thanks to all who participated! :) xo, R.


Bree said...

Me and my boyfriend totally narrate our dogs life. Sometimes we do it jokingly, but most of the time we're dead serious and we just 'know' exactly what she's thinking. It's great.

Alexandria said...

Just found your blog from Bridget, and I must say you've got quite the beautiful blog. I love it :)

nicole said...

i narrate for my dog too! maybe it's more normal than i thought? ;)

Maggy said...

I'm thinking this has to be a dog owner thing right? I sometimes wonder if the neighbors can hear me talking to (for) Lucy on walks. Everything begins with "hey guys". Or sometimes an incessant "Mom, Mama, hey Mom, Mommy, Mom" as she follows me around...I'm sure that narration is spot on, I can just tell.

Bridget said...

hahaha maggy, we do the same thing, and always in a semi high nasaly voice -- sounds like steve and i aren't the only crazies!!!

Charlotte said...

ooooh yeah, I narrate for my dog. And sing to him in a silly voice. And my husband does it too. And we'll do it around other people, forgetting that it's a little weird. Ok, a lot weird.

claire said...

hahahaha. You're one funny girl Bridget :) I have to admit we narrate for our cat. We narrate for people in the distance too. So fun! xo