Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the weekend.

bike ride (4)
I had an exceptionally good weekend filled with dinner + a movie with S&K, bocce ball, brownies and ice cream, a Friday morning out by the pool reading this book, and I topped all that off with a Sunday bike ride with Jeffrey. We stumbled upon a part of campus that we had never seen before! I think we were the only ones (there were so many carvings all over the wood railing), but it was new to us and we were excited. We can't wait to take a picnic lunch there sometime soon!
bike ride (3)
bike ride (6)
bike ride (5)
bike ride_1
bike ride (2)

Did you do anything fun this weekend? Have a wonderful Tuesday! :) xo, R.


Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

It looks a lot like an arboretum we have here in Alabama just off campus. I love that place; so quiet and pretty.

Anonymous said...

Every weekend is better with bocce! Sounds like a great weekend!


wishful nals said...

so gorgeous! you two are so cute. :)