Wednesday, December 1, 2010

stuff on wednesday.

devil's lake.
{Here's a random & unrelated picture! We were on that crazy rock formation on the right hand side of this picture. Also, that little person walking toward the rock (in the gray t-shirt) is Jeffrey! It was so beautiful there. A place called Devil's Lake where we went during our summer trip to Wisconsin. Wish I were there right now, but it'd be much colder!}

Well, it's officially cold and I'm happy. Still bothers me when I see people wearing sandals, but hey. It's their feet that are cold and not mine, right? Anyway.

1. Today I made the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. I remember the first time I made one all on my own. I was babysitting and the mom asked me if I knew how to make a grilled cheese. Of course I do! I didn't. I had no idea. Thank goodness it's not that hard to figure out, right?

2. My cheeks keep getting freakishly red for no reason. Like right now, for instance. It's not like my apartment is cold or hot or anything. It just keeps happening. I'll go with it for now.

3. Jeffrey and I are going out for a pizza party on Friday night to the best pizza place in our college town. And it's not just the two of us! My best friend and her boyfriend are coming, too! Yay! From now on I'll just call them S+K. I want to respect their privacy, but it's much easier to type S+K than "my best friend and her boyfriend" every time.

4. And, finally, it's December! Can you believe it? I can't! It seems like time is really flying by these days. I have about one million school related things to do right about now, so maybe if time could slow down long enough for me to complete them (but still go fast enough so that I'm not agonizing over how it's taking for winter break to be here) that would be so greatly appreciated.

5. You're all awesome.

What's going on in your Wednesday? XO, R.

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