Thursday, December 2, 2010

flash back: wisconsin summer 2010 (part one).

I think it's weird that I'm just now getting into my summer trip to Wisconsin to visit my sister and her fiancé Mark! I didn't mean for it to correspond with the second cold day we're having here in FL (32º this morning!) because I'm loving the cold weather, but lately I've been pining away for Wisconsin in the summer time (although it's the only season I've ever been in Wisconsin for). Or, to be more accurate, pining away for my sister, and her super sweet, school teaching, outdoors loving fiancé! (We're a family full of teachers. Jeffrey + Evie both plan on being art professors, my mom & Mark are teachers, and I'm on my way. Plus, I consider my dad to be a teacher since he taught me some of the most important lessons I've learned thus far!) Anyway, they will be gracing FL with their presence for the Christmas season, and I can't wait! So, in leading up to their long-awaited arrival, I'm going to review my trip to Wisconsin. So, here's part one! :)

Jeffrey and I got stuck at Chicago O'Hare for an unreasonably long time, and I'm pretty sure we both had unreasonably good attitudes about the whole thing. The highlight was sharing a smoothie with Jeffrey and taking turns playing Tetris on my pocket Gameboy (Who had one? Mine's yellow!). We finally ended up taking a bus to get to Wisconsin, but we got there safely, so it's whatever.
roman candle.
We ate a lovely dinner at Roman Candle when we finally arrived, and it was delicious. We also practiced our self-timer skills. The angled look is nice, right? :)
mom. <3
Things were a little crazy (after being stuck at an airport with no information regarding our flight for 6+ hours) so we called it a night pretty early. Some of the best times we had were when we went home to Mark's apartment at night. I love my family so much, it's crazy! The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast at Lazy Jane's. We got a free scone because it was our first time there. Yipee! The above picture is right outside my sister's apartment. It was so cute!
my love.
monkey dad.
Then we had a picnic on one of the lakes that make the bread of the Madison sandwich. Does that even make sense? Madison, WI is surrounded by two lakes. Their names are very similar, and so I forget which lake this is. It was lovely nonetheless. My sister and I put our feet in the water. It was chilly even though it was in the dead of summer! We munched on bread, cheese, granola, and some soda. That picture of my dad is a pretty accurate summary of all the reasons I love him.

Tomorrow I'll overview our day trip to Chicago. Yay! xo, R.


Anonymous said...

Cute post!!! :-) This is like reliving the trip again.

P.S.- Madison is also fun in winter.

Miss you!

18 days!

Laken said...

Lovely post.. Y'all are too cute!