Saturday, October 23, 2010

the sick day.

i promise he loves me.
{Should I get my bangs back? I don't know, still deciding. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. And I promise Andy loves me. He was just being the Diva that he is. Oh, and I'm still pretending to grow my hair out, but I have to ask: Is it still pretending if I think I'm actually doing it? I have had only 3-4 urges to cut it all off, but I have yet to do so. My friends, I think I'm growing up & growing it out.}
please look at andy to your bottom left.
{Will you please look at my dog in the bottom left corner? You're in love, right? So am I.}

Well, there seems to be some kind of bug going around campus, and I got hit with it. Have no fear, though. I stocked up on Emergen-C, (My secret cure. Get the orange kind.) and some NyQuil, and I think I missed the worst of it. However, I did sit in my cozy chair all day and watch chick flicks, which helped immensely, naturally.

I also pretended to be sophisticated and flirted with the idea of drinking my green tea without sugar, but that seemed silly.

Dear sugar, I promise to never turn my back on you. People pretend to like things without you, but I think they're lying. You don't have to worry about me, though. I am loyal to a fault, especially to you.

And I saw Jeffrey for more than 10 minutes, so I'm feeling pretty great right now. Except for the stuffy nose, the clogged up ears, and the overall feeling of bleh-ness. But hey, who's complaining, right? Not me.
xo, R.


Anonymous said...

We hope you feel better!

M & E

Anonymous said...

Cool new banner thingie! Glad you're feeling better -- the chick-flick therapy seems to have done the trick.


LW said...

I love the bangs and always have. Even that time Tammy cut them way too short. :) Love you. XXOO