Monday, October 25, 2010

list ten: because i know you wanted to know what i was thinking about on this monday.

{Is it weird that my photos almost never have anything to do with what I'm posting? I'll fix that in the near future. Also, these chips and salsa were probably the best I've ever had and I ate them on my 21st birthday. Still haven't posted about that, but I will sometime. Possibly.}

1. I think it might be kind of miserable to be a bus driver. Every single time someone requests a stop this voice comes on and says: "Stop requested. For your own safety when crossing the street please pass behind the bus." Yeah, I memorized it. Stops get requested a lot. And can you imagine being a driver? You would hear that a lot, a lot. Plus, I think it would just be boring. The most exciting part, in my opinion, is when two buses pass and the drivers wave at one another. Kind of like at summer camp when your line of campers passes another line of campers and you look at the other leader with a face that reads exhaustion and the feeling is totally mutual, but at least someone understands. That's what happens when bus drivers wave at each other, at least that's my evaluation of the whole thing.

2. Weekends should be longer than two days. Groundbreaking thought, huh? But seriously. Who decided that two days was adequate weekend time? Because I seriously have a bone to pick with him/her. (It was probably a guy, though. Girls just don't make mistakes like that.)

3. I tried to style my hair according to Sydney's tutorial, but still can't do it. I am not kidding. I have absolutely no skill when it comes to styling my own hair. I will, however, continue to try. One day I will master hair styling 101. Hopefully.

4. Norman Rockwell is really cool. Don't ya think?

5. My sister and her fiance (still weird to type that) made a sheet fort this weekend. Want to know what Jeffrey and I did? Watched HGTV and ate Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Mind you, we only spent a few short hours together, but still, that's what we did with our time. (To clarify, I think watching HGTV and eating Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream is an exceptionally great thing to do on a Saturday night, but making a sheet fort is obviously far superior. I don't know what we were thinking.)

6. Who wants to give me $3,000 dollars to expand my wardrobe? You'll thank me when I'm famous someday and you can say, "Oh, I once gave Roxanne $3,000 to expand her wardrobe." People probably won't believe you, but you and I will know it's true. And I'll mention it in one of my many interviews with Elle. Deal?

What are you thinking about? Seriously. I want to know. xo, R.

PS. Sorry the text is one million different sizes. It happens, you know?


Sarah said...

I agree with you completely on the new wardrobe. I would loveee $3,000 to update mine. I feel like the second I buy something new and wear it once, it's already out of season. This does not make me look very fashion forward.

Hope you have a good week!

Sydney said...

Ok. I just had to comment because chips and salsa are like my favorite food in the ENTIRE. WORLD. {Only the right kind though. And those DEFINITELY look like the right kind}