Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Night Time Rain Storm,

I love you. I just really do. There is nothing more pleasant than falling asleep to your soggy symphony. You do it to me every time — make me feel relaxed and cozy and content — and the distant grumbles of thunder are a really nice touch. Thanks for keeping the big, scary, crashing thunder noises out of the picture tonight. I mean, sometimes they're okay, but they're a little freaky. And they really scare my dog, who's just way too old and sweet to be worrying about anything. And thanks for waiting to appear until tonight. There's nothing like a good, night time rain storm to make me feel happy. The ones in the middle of the day are okay, now and then, but they just make everything so sticky, you know? The night time ones do this really magical thing. This thing that makes the early morning feel kind of cool. It puts a pep in my step. So thanks. Really.

xo, R.

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