Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Quirk Project (No. 6)

Elizabeth's Quirks

I would consider myself a quirky person and I love it! Quirks set you apart from others, give you something to laugh at yourself for, and really help others to get to understand you. I probably have a million little silly things about me, but here are just a few!

1. I love to look at old, broken, lonely houses. People may still live there or they may have left a long time ago, but I love to just look at them and try to figure out who lived/lives there, what kind of life they have had/have, and why their house is the way it is. Of course, I begin to think about if I was in that position what I would do to fix up the house, or how I’d go about doing it. This quirk shows my love for the old, the vintage, for history, and trying to understand people better.

2. I absolutely detest brown and black together. I just can’t stand it. I have only one winter coat and it is brown so sometimes I can’t avoid brown and black mixing and if I have to do it, I have to, but I just want to take off that coat as soon as possible. I don’t think it’s a total fashion faux pas, but most of the time, I believe it is, especially with my wardrobe!

3. Pants make me unhappy. One of my favorite fun facts is that in the 1800s pants was considered a ‘dirty word’. I just love dressing up in skirts and dresses-they are so easy and super comfortable. A fun fact is that when I was little I considered myself a tomboy (even though I I really wasn’t). I was always out playing soccer so I didn’t really dress up very much or care for that matter.

4. I love buying gifts. When I go shopping, sometimes I end up buying more for others than for myself. When I see something at a cute boutique or a steal at a bargain store, I just HAVE to get it when it’s screaming out a friend or family member’s name. With this, I usually love giving gifts more than receiving them.

5. I don’t like to waste milk in cereal bowls. I know it may seem really silly, but I always try to pour a little bit of milk over my cereal, because if there is any left, I just pour in more cereal to get rid of it. I just don’t like wasting food-even if it’s just a little milk.

6. I love rainy days. Some people may groan at the thought of them, but I love waking up and falling asleep to a little drizzle of rain, or even just spending the day on the couch on a rainy day reading or doing work. I think it’s calming and relaxing and instead of ruining a day, helps life just slow down a little bit and allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature. When I was little, we’d always love to swim in the pool in the rain, because we thought it was so cool…I still think it is!

7. I talk to myself when there is a yellow light. When I first started driving, I had the hardest time making a decision to go or not to go if the light was yellow. My mom suggested that I should say it out loud and stick with my decision. To this day, I say it out loud and still get really nervous at yellow lights-I just don’t want to run a red one! Funny story-one time I ended up making the wrong decision and ended up in the middle of the intersection. I decided to go but the red light beat me. I cried and proclaimed I would never drive again. Well, I got over that but not over decision making at yellow lights.

8. When I shop, especially for groceries, I have to go down every aisle. I like to take my time, ponder my choices, and find foods that I would have never thought of before to use in cooking. Of course, I don’t have time to meander through Publix all the time, so when I am in a hurry, I power stroll through the aisles. You never know exactly what you need and I think it’s boring to get the same things every time. I have been told that if there is any place to shop, I could find something to buy. It’s sad, but also very true-I probably could find some use for someone for anything-I just love the shopping possibilities at hand!

9. I have a slight obsession with napkins, or maybe it’s just an intense need. When I’m eating, I always have one in my lap, one besides my plate for wiping my mouth, and a couple more on the table. I think you can never have enough napkins. J I also take extreme notice of my use of utensils. My parents enrolled me in an etiquette class when I was in middle school and the good habits stuck with me. No complaints here!

10. There is nothing that compares to walking in heels — I love it. My mom and my sisters say that I always walk better in heels and I can agree (although I feel like I don't have a weird walk without them)! I'm a petite girl at 5 foot 4, so I feel so much taller and poised when I wear heels. So many people would rather die than walk around all day in heels, but I'd love to. I wish our campus was more heel friendly, or you'd be see me sporting them around. My dream heels are pictured above and they are made by Christian Louboutin.

Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! xox

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