Monday, May 17, 2010

starbucks & whispering.

Babysitting my sweet little one-year old (first? second?) cousin today. I know people always talk about how cute babies are (even if they're ugly) but she really is cute.

My dad came over to keep me company.

(You can only talk to yourself for so long.)

But, also I had him come over because the Pest Control Guy had to stop by and I had to open the garage door for him and since I'm really paranoid about everything, I was scared to open the door if I was going to be alone. Yes. I'm really that paranoid. Ever since taking a RAD class (self-defense) I have been extremely over-prepared to use my moves, so Pest Control Guy kinda freaked me out.

My dad brought Starbucks (loooveee) and now my cousin is napping. Even though we're about five rooms away from her, we're still whispering. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I love us.

What's making you happy today?


Chaucee said...

I TOTALLY know what you're talking about being overly prepared to defend yourself :D I don't like opening the front door if I'm home by myself either and usually don't! That's nice your dad came over and even nicer that he brought some coffee! What a guy@

What makes me happy...well I guess the fact that my cute dog is curled up on my lap while I check the email and write the next blog post. She's so adorable :)

Evie said...

I loved this post. Especially the title.

Sarah said...

I used to be a freak about locking the doors. Everyone would joke that while they were still on the porch putting on their shoes, they could hear the lock click and me walk away. I've gotten better, though! At my parent's house, when it was dark and I had to let the dogs out, I'd do everything super quick and then run into the front of the house and hide, haha.

Whenever the kids I nanny are napping, I make everyone be quiet all over the house... even though it's a HUGE house. I just don't want to wake them, because those hours are precious! :)

Today, I am happy because there is sunlight coming through my window, and the kid's grandma is here- so I got off early!

Christina said...

I love those little moments when you have to be quiet and still because you don't want to disturb something precious like a sleeping baby in the next room, or the puppy that JUST fell asleep in your lap.

Quiet afternoons are the best!

Today, I'm happy about not having to be at work until 2pm.