Thursday, January 28, 2010

smile notes

Sometimes I'm bad at remembering to be thankful.

Occasionally, I have one of those stressful days. And I just can't seem to shake the feelings that come with it. I find that as I walk to class, I formulate lists in my head — lists of things that make me smile. Except , this time, I'm writing my list down.

1. Highlighters
2. Sunshine
3. Sleeping during a thunderstorm
4. Monograms
5. Perfumes
6. Cookies
7. Necklaces
8. Apples and Peanut Butter
9. Spontaneous dates with my boyfriend
10. Going home for the weekend
11. New nail polish
12. 75ยบ weather
13.Crunching Acorns
14. Reading the dedication page in a brand new book
15. Honey
16. Laughter

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