Monday, November 23, 2009

50 Things I Believe In.

1. I believe in the simplicity of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
2. I believe that every girl should own a night gown.
3. I believe I can change someone's life.
4. I believe in freckles.
5. I believe that it's necessary to treat yourself every now and then.
6. I believe that self-confidence is sexy.
7. I believe in eating a pint of your favorite ice cream and not sharing.
8. I believe that art is provocative. And that it's meant to be that way.
9. I believe that fashion does not define a person, but a person defines their fashion.
10. I believe that blondes are smart.
11. I believe in eating dessert first.
12. I believe that religion is beautiful.
13. I believe that chalkboards are better than whiteboards.
14. I believe that with the right amount of drive and ambition almost anything can be achieved.
15. I believe that giving someone a compliment can and will brighten his or her ay.
16. I believe that walking places makes you realize the small, amazing things in life that you may not notice otherwise.
17. I believe that clumsy is cute.
18. I believe that someday the health benefits of cheesecake will be discovered.
19. I believe in watching Breakfast at Tiffany's when I've had an especially disappointing day.
20. I believe that most good conversation is though provoking.
21. I believe that optimism is quite possibly the most effective weapon in life.
22. I believe that laughter really is the best medicine.
23. I believe in taking vitamins.
24. I believe that you can tell a lot about a person by the kind of ice cream they like best.
25. I believe that grocery shopping is therapeutic.
26. I believe in home-cooked meals.
27. I believe that intelligence is attractive.
28. I believe that awkwardness is attractive.
29. I believe in the little black dress.
30. I believe that everyone deserves a theme song.
31. I believe in reinventing yourself every now and then.
32. I believe that baking is good for the soul.
33. I believe in Santa Claus.
34. I believe that Abraham Lincoln was incredibly brilliant.
35. I believe that perfume is the most wonderful accessory.
36. I believe that my boyfriend made me a better person.
37. I believe in being happy for those who are happy.
38. I believe in fried food.
39. I believe in love letters.
40. I believe that true romantics still exist. I'm in love with one.
41. I believe that quirky personality traits are fabulous.
42. I believe that my best friends are absolutely beautiful.
43. I believe that candy has the power to make any day seem a little better.
44. I believe that tree forts are both good and necessary.
45. I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
46. I believe that soul mates exist. For everyone.
I believe that people have good hearts.
48. I believe that someday the cure for cancer will be discovered. I hope I'm alive to see that day.
49. I believe that you're never too old to have an imagination.
50. I believe that a simple smile can make the worst day seem not-so-bad.



LW said...

I believe that by reading your 50 I believes, I am going to appreciate today more. Thank you, love.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, R. I like the way you think.

: )