Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the year lent changed my life.

think happy thoughts

I have given up so many things for Lent. Gum (hard). Facebook (harder). Soda (harder-er). Ice cream (hardest). One year, in high school, I decided I would give up negative thinking. It sounds a little strange and it was extremely difficult, but any time a negative thought started to enter my mind, I tried to change it into a positive one. It required a lot of discipline and of course I wasn't always perfect in maintaining it, but the act of turning a negative thought into a positive thought was so powerful for me. It honestly transformed my life. By the time lent was over, I was thinking positive thoughts nearly all the time, and it felt so good! It was amazing to think that I had control over how my thoughts lived in my mind. It actually changed my life — and I mean that!

Recently, I've felt like I lost that. Instead of turning my negative thoughts into something more productive, I've let them live in my mind and collect dust. They've made a home there, created a space, and taken up valuable property. In this particular season of my life it's been harder for me to think positively,  and I miss that part of myself. So for Lent this year, I'm revisiting the act of giving up negative thinking. I'm excited to pursue this venture purposefully, with a full heart.

What will you do this year? xo, R.


LW said...

I love this and I am in. Thank you for the inspiration. XXOO

Ed Woltil said...

I'm in, too! Love this...we can all help support each other. Feel free to call me out if I'm thinking negatively.