Tuesday, January 15, 2013

saturday afternoon picnic.


In my mind, Saturdays are a day to reset and refresh for the upcoming week. I like to sleep in, eat a late breakfast, laze around, and do something fun with the ones I love. This weekend, Jeffrey had some work to complete so we carved out just a small amount of time to pick up some Steak 'n Shake and have an impromptu picnic. I don't often crave cheeseburgers, so when I do we stop what we're doing and go and get one. Since our favorite local place was closed, we settled for the next best thing. We then found one of our favorite spots on campus and enjoyed our burgers there. The whole afternoon was perfectly pleasant. When I graduate in June, one of the saddest things will be leaving this beautiful campus. It truly is a gem.  

FYI: The kids meal is probably the best deal on Steak 'n Shake's menu. Plus, they put your drink in these weird little mini cups, which we sort of got a kick out of.

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LW said...

Woody blends right in with the ground! Sounds like a nice way to spend Saturday afternoon. XXOO