Wednesday, December 12, 2012

morning music, II.


Good morning, friends! Happy Wednesday. :)

This morning I have a new playlist to make your morning routine a bit more enjoyable (especially if you have to get up before the sun, like me)! I find the most difficult part of waking up to be those first few minutes when I can't tear myself away from the comfort of my own bed. Music often helps, though. I hope you have a lovely day...the holidays are quickly approaching and I'M SO EXCITED! xo, R.

{1} Mornings Eleven -- The Magic Numbers
{2} Re: Stacks -- Bon Iver
{3} Train Song -- Feist & Ben Gibbard
{4} Click Click Click -- Bishop Allen
{5} Sleeping Diagonally -- Iron & Wine
{6} Closing Time -- Semi Sonic
{7} Can't Help Falling in Love -- Ingrid Michaelson (originally sung by Elvis)
{8} Once In A Lifetime -- Landon Austin
{9} Orpheo Looks Back -- Andrew Bird
{10} Blood -- The Middle East

P.S. morning music, I here.

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LW said...

Morning music most definitely helps! I don't often play it at home because I don't want to wake anyone up. But when I get to school and get the tunes going, it definitely gets me motivated! This morning, I have one song in particular in mind because I need to get a little holiday spirit going on in my classroom. It starts like this....With a hey and a hee and a ho ho! And I'm thinking a holiday craft will follow at some point during the day. Love you. XXOO p.s. Thanks for the play list.