Thursday, November 15, 2012

birthday festivities.


It's hard to believe that my birthday was already over a month ago. It seems like fall always goes by really quickly. The combination of anticipation for the holiday season and the rush of a new school year seems to make the autumn months really rush by. Since October is my favorite month, this realization always make me feel a bit sad, which is why I have no problem reliving this year's birthday celebration.

I went home for the weekend and it was just the four of us as a family. That almost never happens. It was so special for it to be just us. Jeffrey happened to be out of town and Mark was attending a conference, so they couldn't make it. They were certainly missed, but the four of us had a lovely time. We went to the Saturday morning farmers' market (which was boiling hot), the scrapbook store, one of my favorite lunch spots, Anthropologie, and out to a restaurant with the very best Vegetable Pad Thai I've ever tasted. Thinking of it makes me want a big plate full with a big, big glass of Thai iced tea to go with it! xo, R.


LW said...

Wow. That thai ice tea looks delicious. I love the drip of cream rolling down the side of the glass. Nice photos. That was a really nice weekend. XXOO

Ed Woltil said...

A special birthday for sure! Man, I want some curry puffs and thai iced tea!