Wednesday, October 3, 2012

california coast.


I remember when our car drove through the first stretch of Redwoods. They were so big, so gigantic that it was almost unbelievable. I felt like we were in the presence of human giants, almost as if they were alive and welcoming us. It was an experience I'll never forget. The kind of experience that makes you really thankful for the beauty of the natural world. I could have gotten lost in there.

It was so, so foggy that day. We went to a lookout to see a stretch of the Pacific and we were literally met with a wall of fog, so thick it looked like someone had tacked a sheet dangling from the sky. There was no one else at the overlook, probably because most people knew it would be unviewable. But it was almost more beautiful than seeing the ocean. Knowing it was there, but having to visualize it in your mind.

For the beauty that was surrounding us, I have surprisingly few photographs. It makes sense, though. I was too caught up in the majesty of the moment that I didn't even think to pull my camera out and snap some shots. Thankfully, the images are carved in my mind. xo, R.

Pictured: {1} One giant Redwood, {2} An overlook that was not too cloudy to see the mighty Pacific, {3} The Big Tree

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Jeffrey said...

I can't wait to go back with you!