Monday, January 16, 2012

a little town + a little birthday.

little town #2
little town #4
little town #3
little town #1

I like birthdays. Is it okay to say I really like birthdays that aren't my own? Because I do. I do so much. My dad's birthday was on Saturday. My parents came to town so our family could do something fun and celebrate a person who means a lot to all of us. We went to a nearby town to a couple antique shops and rummaged through pieces of the past. My sister found a stack of old photographs to take home with her and we stopped at Starbucks to get some warmth.

It was a lovely day dedicated to a lovely person. A person who passed his undying concern for others down to me, his sense of humor, his appreciation for a perfect song, and his brown eyes (perhaps my favorite feature about myself). He also made a really smart decision when he married my mother. For these reasons, and so many more, he is very worth celebrating.

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Ed Woltil said...

A really great birthday, just knocking around with you guys. Love you!