Friday, November 18, 2011

dear self: a peptalk.

1. Sometimes life is hard. And things pile up. And you're at the bottom of that pile and maybe, for a little while, you'd like to stay there. And feel sorry for yourself. Don't do it.

2. Sometimes money is a pain. Sometimes you wish it didn't exist. Or maybe you wish it grew on trees. But money isn't the answer.

3. Sometimes you just want to go home. Well, Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Wish granted.

4. Sometimes you don't like wedding planning. And that's okay. Maybe you should just relax and realize that everything's going to work out just fine.

5. Sometimes a good cry can solve a lot of problems. But don't let it last too long. You're not that pathetic.

6. Sometimes you need to remember that you have a lot of happiness. And happiness is a gift that you choose to open everyday.

7. And sometimes, you just need to go buy yourself a milkshake.

xo, yourself.

1 comment:

Destini Lea said...

Love this. And it helped me too, thanks :) xo