Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a letter to my future students.


I think you're wonderful, perfect, beyond brilliant.

More than capable, full of insight, creativity, and compassion for others. Your mind is your ultimate asset -- the ticket to all the places you want to go. Your ideas are good, justified, important, worthwhile, necessary. You're necessary.

Some subjects will be hard and that's a bummer. Sometimes you'll want to give up (that's also a bummer). Don't do it. Want to know a secret? Math is hard for me. Really, really difficult. The-I-Want-To-Quit-Right-Now difficult. But I didn't quit, still won't quit. Because I believe in myself, believe in my abilities. Just like I believe in your abilities. In everything you do. I believe in you.

You don't know everything. Neither do I. We never will. Isn't that exciting? Everyday we get to learn new things. Maybe we'll share them with others. Or maybe we'll keep them to ourselves for awhile. That's okay, too. Either way, learning is a gift; a special project of which we are all a part. We all learn. Every single one of us. If we're not united in anything else, we are united in that.

Stay curious. Ask more questions. Compliment your friends. Ask for help. Give help when you are asked. Give help when you are not asked. Take pleasure in reading simply to read. Skip down the hallway. Enjoy your classmates. Appreciate your education.

One day you will go out into the world. And you will have all the equipment you need. You are all smart and kind individuals with a special place on this planet and a special place in my heart.


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