Monday, August 8, 2011

for a friend.

sweet couple
I believe that my friends deserve the absolute best. Don't you? Their happiness is of the utmost importance to me -- because they've been there for me through the best and worst times. They've known me for most of my short life and we're still the best of friends, even though we landed in different places and have to make rare trips to Coldstone to catch up on each others' lives. So it's obvious that I want the absolute best for my friends, need the absolute best for my friends. Here's to a good friend of mine.

I wish I could find him for you, that guy. I wish I could tell him that I know the perfect girl for him and he'll chuckle and tell me he's been waiting. You'll start dating and it will be perfect. He'll buy you flowers on a Monday, and not because it's your birthday, or even your six month anniversary, but just because he loves you. He'll remember important dates like the anniversary of your first kiss. And he'll tell you to put on his favorite dress so he can take you out for dinner to celebrate. He'll tell you to get the wine, if you want it. And then he'll take you out for ice cream, because we all know it's your vice.

He'll dance with you in the street, and he'll appreciate your years of training, your superb form and talent. He'll love your friends (obviously) and he'll go to Coldstone with us, pushing tables together so we can all hear each others' pointless stories. But they won't be pointless to him because they aren't pointless to us.

He'll be in love with your family and his family will adore you. His friends will wonder how he got so darn lucky and he'll just smile because he wonders, too. He'll give you kisses on the forehead and he'll sit through the romantic comedy (and enjoy it) because it's what you wanted. He'll even sneak in a candy bar because it's more fun than buying from the concessions.

And at the end of the day, everything you've gone through will be worth it. Because he's worth it, and he always has been. I wish this and so much more for you.



Jennifer said...

I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I love reading your blog and I think others should too!

Anonymous said...

this actually made me cry. Thank you for writing it!

Anonymous said...

Dear Simplicities and Serendipities,

I find myself unable to adequately express the wonder i felt when I read this post, but I am going to try and I hope you don't hate me for taking so much space =)

I have one friend; one friend who has never left my side, over the last 3 years and who has traversed some pretty large mountains with me. She is beautiful, funny, and a dancer. And, she is waiting for that man, the man that you described.
Just two days ago I met with her and found out she had broken up with her boyfriend, b/c he decided he would always be disappointed that she wasn't more like someone else. I took her to coldstone and told her that "although it is a little silly and stolen from P.S. I Love You, I believe someday you are going to meet a man who when you ask him where he has been all your life he will say "with all the wrong women.'"

Serendipity was at work today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I hope that the joy of life continues to shine on your days.

Roxanne said...

Anonymous - What a sweet and kind comment! Isn't it funny when things line up like they do? I hope your friend finds someone worthy soon. There is nothing like good friends!

Thank you for your words. Take up as much space as you want! xo