Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Gap Inc.,

It's okay. We all go through periods in our lives when we make bad decisions. You took awhile, but it's nice to see you coming out of that. We really need to talk, though. See, I was a loyal customer even throughout your poor decision making (i.e. You didn't produce any cute clothing.), and I still came to your store just to check and see if you'd brushed up on your skills a little. You never did, but I continued trying. Last night I went to your website. Just checking again. You know. And there it was. Cute clothes. Everywhere. And you know what? They were overpriced. And I couldn't afford them. And since I've been such a good friend and all, I think you should do something for me. Just make all the items in my cart go on super sale. Okay? That's called compromise. It's an important part of every successful relationship.

Love your faithful customer,


Destini Lea said...

Just catching up........LOVED your "for a friend" post. it was beautiful and heartfelt. My favorite line was probably, "but they wont be pointless to him, because they arent pointless to us." I could keep on gushing, you're great.

Laura said...

I definitely went through a few years during which I felt exactly the same about Gap! I love this little letter and your blog... I've been a little bit MIA from the blogging world as of late but a visit to S&S makes me remember why I love it here so much. Your blog is full of lovely quirks, heartfelt letters of thanks and appreciation, and morsels of joy all over. Love it!

Roxanne said...

Laura, your comments always truly brighten my day and remind me why it is I love to blog and the community here. Thanks for writing!

Destini, I loved writing that. It's always such a pleasure to write with someone else in mind. xoxo