Friday, May 27, 2011

The Quirk Project (No. 11)

Hello, all! I have a really special treat for you today. I gave the quirks a rest for awhile, but a wonderful blogger emailed me her list the other day and I'm posting it today! Jamie's blog is really sweet and fun. Go check it out and fall in love.

Jamie's Quirks

1. When riding as a passenger in a car I open and close the armrest compartment
. And I never realize I am doing it until someone points it out (because he/she is totally annoyed). Never.

2. I often start and complete several projects simultaneously all over the house. For example, I’ll start making a salad in the kitchen, then realize there’s laundry fold and go do that in my bedroom. In the middle of folding laundry I’ll remember that the toys need putting away in Levi’s room. (He’s a babe and can’t do it himself. Otherwise, and believe me when I say this, Levi would be picking up the toys in his room.) After doing that for a minute, inspiration will strike for a blog post and I’ll go into our office to type a few words or find a photo. Oh, and then I’ll remember that I never finished putting that salad together. It’s vicious.

3. I get ready in the morning in exactly the same order every day. That means I shower exactly the same way, put my make up on in exactly the same order, then blow dry my hair, then clothes, jewelry, and so on. Exactly. It’s usually a bad day if my flow gets interrupted.

4. When reading a book, I must complete a full chapter before pausing. I just can’t stop on a random page. I need closure, which is odd in light of quirk number two.

5. I change my hairstyle often, usually out of boredom. Apparently I get bored a lot.

6. I went through a phase in my teenage years that basically made it impossible for me to listen to a song the whole way through. (This only applied to songs I knew well enough to know the words to.) See also quirk number two. It was quite annoying to my sister, who was often riding in the car with me.

7. I like to lie on the floor of my walk-in closet, with the door closed, and read magazines. Totally normal, I know.


Alexandria said...

If I had a walk-in closet, I would also lie on the floor of it and read magazines.

Chris said...

I'm familiar with some of those and love them!

linnea paulina said...

I loved reading about your quirks - what a cute post!

Laura said...

Love to see that the quirk project is back! I especially like Jamie's final quirk - lying in the closet, reading magazines... definitely not something all of us do (though that's mainly because my closet is too small)! But everybody's got something!

Christina said...

I loved these! I definitely want to do #7! :)

Jamie @ charmingly ordinary said...

Thanks for having me, Roxanne! XO

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I do number 1 as well! :) hahaha drives my husband nuts.