Monday, April 18, 2011

the weekend.

bus love
{Jeffrey's beloved bus.}

This weekend my dad was my date to a fancy dinner, I got a huge chunk of my to-do list finished (!), Jeffrey took me out for dinner + frozen yogurt, and on Sunday his bus ran out of gas.

We were at Target getting a few things and then hopped in the bus to head over to Michael's. We had been driving for maybe one minute when the bus just stopped working in the middle of an intersection. Luckily, two really nice guys helped Jeffrey push his bus into a parking space. We walked over to the gas station, filled up a gas can, and were on our way. I was honestly impressed by how flawless the whole thing went off! Last time Jeffrey's bus ran out of gas, we were much more panicked and a little at a loss for what exactly we should do. We must be growing up! :)

Other than that, my weekend was just fine and dandy. Although I didn't take any pictures. Must. Improve. How was your weekend? xo, R.

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